CrossFit BYOB began as a small, grassroots movement in a backyard in Plano, Texas. After 2 years as a coach at a CrossFit affiliate, Co-Owner and Head Coach Kevin Hickey decided it was time to create the training environment he felt people needed to take their fitness to new levels. In January 2013, with 20 athletes, Kevin set out to build a community of like-minded individuals who wanted to work together to improve their physical well-being while supporting and challenging their friends, family and co-workers to do the same. This community was the foundation of what would later become CrossFit BYOB.

Fast forward to today, CrossFit BYOB has become one of the top CrossFit affiliates in the DFW area. We may have outgrown the “backyard”, but our commitment to our community remains the same: to provide quality coaching, programming and training so that you can achieve optimal results.

Welcome to CrossFit BYOB!


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