The CrossFit Program is designed as a functional strength and conditioning program with constantly varied movements and workouts that provide optimal results in all aspects of fitness.

These movements reflect the best aspects of gymnastics, weightlifting, running, rowing and more.

Group classes also provide an opportunity for you to workout in a community setting where everyone is encouraging one another to reach their fitness goals.


BURN is designed to offer members a workout to help them burn a ton of calories, boost their metabolism, and build their own lean, physically fit body. The focus being on functional movements at high intensity

intervals, BURN is a program built for ANY and ALL fitness levels. All without a barbell, this Boot Camp Style class is designed to give you a total body workout and improve your overall fitness level in the shortest time possible. One hour of higher intensity, shorter duration workouts combined with proper nutrition will get you the fitness results you’re after. Of course, with REAL coaching every step of the way.



Foundations (Includes 1st Month) - $199

Unlimited CrossFit Classes - $180/mo

Unlimited BURN Classes - $155/mo

Punchcard - $160/10 classes

Drop In - $25/class

*We offer discounted rates to active military, first responders, teachers, families, and full-time students. Please contact us for more information.



The Personal Training program is designed to offer you a one-on-one training experience with a CF BYOB coach.

This program is for athletes that are serious and committed to maximizing their potental and reaching their fitness goals, whatever they may be.

Personal Training sessions can be the perfect complement to any of our training memberships. Or, if you prefer personal training only, that's great too!


1 Session - $75

5 Sessions - $350

10 Sessions - $600

*Training times are subject to coaches' availability.



You can only out-train your diet for so long. When it comes to feeling better and getting results faster, this program is what you need.

The Nutrition program consists of individualized nutrition coaching to help you reach your fitness/body composition goals. This begins with a consultation with your coach and follows with a custom nutrition plan, weekly check-ins, and recommendations tailored to helping you accomplish your goals, whether weight loss, performance, muscle gain, etc.

Our members love this program as it seems like their coach is right there with them both in the gym and the kitchen.



Members - $50

Non-members - $100

*Please contact us for more information.


free trial


We offer FREE trial workouts for those interested in learning more about what we do! Our coaches will be on hand to introduce you to CrossFit, and they will scale your workout to your current fitness level. Click the button below to schedule your free workout. We look forward to meeting you!





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