Since its inception, BYOB has always been far more than “just a gym”.  From the beginning, our purpose has always been to develop a platform that would empower people to achieve their goals. One that would bring people together and inspire them to become the best versions of themselves.


As we evolved, our ethos became “BYOBSTRONG”.  Defined as Strong Bodies, Strong Minds, and Strong Community, these three pillars comprise who we are and what you will become!


STRONG BODY - We are a functional fitness based gym. We utilize a unique blend of barbell movements, gymnastics skills, kettlebell training, and plyometrics combined with a mixture of running, rowing, and biking. Simply put: you will become faster, stronger, and learn how to move your body in ways that you need it to move in every day life!


STRONG MIND - Mindfulness is the missing ingredient for many who struggle to consistently hit their goals.  We help our athletes foster a change in mindset. The BYOB Mindset helps us find success not only in the gym but in almost every other aspect of our lives.  This is done through general and specialty classes our athletes attend, book club, community events, and much more!


STRONG COMMUNITY - While we strive to be strong as individuals, we know that we are stronger together.  Life gets easier when you know there is a network of people behind you helping and encouraging you every step of the way!  


Please don't just take it from us.  Check out what #byobstrong means to our members!



Our fitness programs are simply second to none. We are able to accommodate members of any age, fitness level, and background with universally scalable movements and workouts. In keeping class sizes small, members experience individualized training in a group setting, so that each class moves them forward in their fitness journey!


Our Elevate program allows members and remote clients to reach their goals even faster! With 24/7 access to an accountability coach on not only their fitness, but what makes the BIGGEST difference - NUTRITION. Members receive a personalized plan completely tailored to their goals and most importantly, learn the skills needed to sustain good health for the rest of their lives!


Many would agree that time is one of the most precious commodities. With classes that only take one hour, 3-5 times per week, we are helping members take their time BACK! Time to spend with family and friends, time to spend using their fitness for other hobbies, and time to spend enjoying the confidence and strength in character that comes with striving to be one's absolute BEST self!


The Facility

  • A first-class facility complete with any and all equipment needed for members!
  • Air Conditioning
  • Water Cooler
  • Showers
  • Plenty of room for activities!

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